WordPress malware removal

Cleaning up your hacked website.

Your hacked WordPress website fixed in 3 steps with our WordPress malware removal.

The WordPress Malware Removal team are experts in removing all types of malware from your WordPress site. Unlike WordPress malware, removal plugi

We will remove any WordPress hack or virus, and ensure that you can safely use your website again.

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Hosted WP can fix your hacked WordPress site & remove complex or even unknown malware.

Malware Scan

We Run our malware scanner over your website to find vulnerabilities, malware, suspicious files and signs of hacking.

Malware Clean

Once our scan has been completed we remove the malicious code from WordPress files, clean hacked and infected files, database entries and any backdoors.

Secure your

We update WordPress, all your plugins and themes then harden your website security.

Step 1. Scanning your website
We’ll scan your website, including site files, plugins, database tables, themes and plugins for malware and security issues. Once we understand the breach to your site and identified the malware or type of WordPress hacks, we look to remove the malicious code.

Step 2. WordPress malware removal
Once we have identified what type of malware infected your site, we will go ahead and start to remove any unwanted malware, scripts, code, hacked files and database entries from your WordPress installation.

Step 3. Hardening the security of your site
Finally, once we have removed any malware and malicious code from your WordPress site, we will work on hardening the site to prevent further hacks from occurring.

We will do this by working with you and ensuring WordPress itself is running on the latest version, your plugins and themes are up to date and that you have an ongoing security measure in place like a firewall.

Any good WordPress malware removal service should provide a removal service and ensure the site is protected against future hacks or malware injections. On top of this, we advise checking google search for your site and checking webmaster tools/search console for any search engine penalties the hacked site might have incurred.

Our monthly WordPress care plans can help with this. We provide 24/7 security monitoring, a firewall, daily backups, plugin and theme updates and **FREE malware removal.

*Refunds will not be given to those that get hacked again after our work. If a second hack occurs, this is down to poor site or password management.

**If you are on a plan before the hack occurred.

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