WordPress website as a service

Get your WordPress website hosting, management and changes for one price.

Ever wanted a high-quality website free of the stress of paying for it at one cost? Hosted WP can assist. Get your website Designed, Maintained, Hosted and edited for one monthly cost.

Hosted WP will create your website based on your requirements and manage all content changes as required. You can also add our SEO service to get everything under one roof.

WordPress website as a service WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceOne monthly fee WordPress website as a service WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceStress-free

WordPress website as a service WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceSEO add-on available

WordPress website as a service WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

three easy steps!


Get your new website designed and developed


We will watch over your website and keep it in great working order through our WordPress services. We will manage all Content changes.


Every 24 months, your site is redesigned at NO additional cost. Everything is included in your monthly maintenance plan! This protects your original investment and ensures this is the last website you’ll need.


Businesses changes

Businesses constantly evolve and change, meaning your website will need to change to reflect your business. Having an ongoing agreement means that you can request additional content changes at any time without the stress of another invoice after you have already paid a large upfront amount of $3000 – $6000 on a website.

Content that can regularly change:

  • Products and services
  • Staffing images or contact info
  • General information
  • Blog Posts


Most professional websites come with a fairly steep initial price tag that doesn’t fit smaller budgets. Traditionally, there’s a 4 -6 week build time for most website projects. Finding that kind of time is just a pipe dream for a busy company. 

Content is KING!

Google likes content! by updating, changing and refreshing content, Google recognises that your business is active and changing. This can assist in your overall SEO strategy.

Websites get stale

After two to three years website can start showing their age. We will automatically reach out to you and start looking at a new, fresh, contemporary website design.

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