5 Reasons to use WordPress for your next website

5 Reasons to use WordPress for your next website WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that helps you easily create and manage your website. Doesn’t matter if it is a simple business website or a complex eCommerce website. WordPress can help you create any kind of website you want while keeping you in control. Here are the top five reasons why WordPress … Read more

4 Popular WordPress Web Design Trends You Need to Know About

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If you’re a WordPress web designer, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. That way, you can ensure that your designs are fresh and modern. Ensuring that your website is well designed will allow you to maximise your online platforms and deliver a better experience to your users. Considering how important it is, … Read more

Why Have a Responsive Website: Here’s What to Know

Responsive design and web devices

Websites nowadays are accessed using different means. People on the go are always on their phones, browsing various sites and apps while waiting. Some prefer to use their smartwatches or tablets for convenience, while others are more comfortable using traditional PCs and laptops. As a website owner, it is your job to ensure that your … Read more

Website Design for Small Businesses: To DIY or to Go Pro?

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If you’ve been tinkering around with HTML and maybe even basic Java, you may have gained the confidence to DIY a website for your business. While it’s wonderful to familiarize yourself with basic coding and even design a site to use, there is certainly a time to leave the job to professionals.  But when do … Read more