The advantages of using a CDN for WordPress

The advantages of using a CDN for WordPress WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

When it comes to optimising your website’s performance, using a content delivery network (CDN) is one of the best things you can do. A CDN can speed up the delivery of your site’s content by caching it at locations around the world. This way, when a user tries to access your site, they will be … Read more

How do I install WordPress manually?

WordPress manual install

These days most hosting companies have a one-click install to instal WordPress for you. However, there may be times when you need to install WordPress manually. Below will guide you through the basic steps. Download WordPress The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of WordPress from wordpress.org/download/. Extract the Zip … Read more

15 easy ways to speed up WordPress

15 easy ways to speed up WordPress WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

WordPress can be a little slow, especially when you’re first starting out. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are 15 easy ways to speed up WordPress and make your website run like a well-oiled machine. 1. Choose a good hosting provider One of the biggest factors that can affect your WordPress site’s speed … Read more

5 WordPress plugins for SEO

5 WordPress plugins for SEO WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

When it comes to optimising your website for search engines, there are a few WordPress plugins for SEO that can help you out. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing five different plugins that can help improve your SEO. So if you’re looking to improve your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines, then … Read more

5 Benefits of WordPress Plugins You Need to Know Today


WordPress plugins are often taken for granted and underappreciated. It’s not hard to see why. They’re easy to install, and because they’re so versatile, you can use them on pretty much every website you want to build. But let’s dive deeper into the benefits of WordPress Plugins, shall we? 1. They’re Highly Reliable People often … Read more

How Many WordPress Plugins Are Ideal for Your Site?

wordpress plugins

Plugins are useful for every WordPress site, but having too many will hurt performance, as will poor quality plugins. In general, avoid having too many plugins and make sure they are high quality. If you are not quite sure how many plugins are the “ideal” number, you are not alone. While there is no set … Read more

7 Things You Should Know About Using WordPress Plugins


By default, everyone utilizing WordPress (WP) uses plugins. These tools allow you to accomplish more with your site. The fantastic thing is that hundreds of plugins are available to aid you with your WP site. There are plugins for SEO, security, social media integration, and a whole host of other things. Some plugins help your … Read more

Exploring the World of WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugin

If you use WordPress for your website, then you have no doubt taken advantage of plugins to make your job easier. Plugins can often make your life easier, but they can also cause more harm than good to your website if you don’t take care while using them. Here’s a quick little guide about WordPress … Read more