5 Effective Security Tips For Your WordPress Website

All sites are vulnerable to security breaches.

No matter how much effort you’ve put into creating your site, it can always end up in jeopardy. This is just how the internet operates and how random cyberattacks are carried out.

Most dangers, however, may be avoided by spending a few minutes applying the following easy WordPress security tips:

1. Keep WordPress Up to Date

The security of WordPress improves with every update. Every time a new version is released, a large number of issues and vulnerabilities are corrected. Furthermore, if a particularly harmful problem is uncovered, the WordPress core team will address it immediately and impose a new, safer version. Neglecting upgrades puts your website at serious risk.

To update WordPress, first, navigate to your dashboard. Every time a new version is released, an announcement will appear at the top of the website. To update, click to the right and then on the blue “Update Now” button. A few seconds is all it takes!

2. User Permissions and Strong Passwords

The most prevalent method of WordPress hacking is to use stolen passwords. Make it more complex and challenging for hackers by employing different passwords for your website. Not only for the WordPress admin area but also FTP accounts, databases, WordPress hosting accounts and custom email addresses that use your site’s domain name.

Most new WordPress site owners dislike strong passwords because they are difficult to remember. The good news is that you no longer need to memorise passwords. You use a password manager plugin to maintain your site’s security without needing to remember every password.

Another precaution is to avoid providing anyone access to your WordPress admin account unless necessary. If you have a big team or guest authors, be sure you understand WordPress user responsibilities and capabilities before adding additional user accounts and authors to your WordPress site.

3. Customise Your Login URL

The login URL for any WordPress site is your URL followed by /wp-admin. Because every hacker is aware of this, it exposes your login screen to anybody who wishes to attempt an aggressive hack. Always personalise your login URL, for example, /mycmslogin. An alternative solution is to restrict access to the /wp-admin URL to a specified list of IP addresses (e.g. from your home or your office).

4. Enable SSL Connectivity

This is a critical defensive step for any WordPress website that has an integrated eCommerce shop.

An SSL connection assures the security of data transported to and from your website. This protects confidential client information from being intercepted. Otherwise, your clients may discover that their login credentials, as well as other critical data provided to your website, have been compromised.

To keep your clients’ faith and confidence, you must ensure that your website is securely secured. When you do this, visitors to your website will see a comforting green padlock icon in their browser every time they visit.

5. Remove Unused Plugins

Every plugin you have installed on your WordPress website provides another access point for a hacker. As a result, if you’re not actively utilising a plugin, there’s no purpose in leaving it sitting around.

You can temporarily deactivate the plugin if you want to use it again in the future. While this is a viable alternative, uninstalling it entirely is our recommended method. This also has the benefit of speeding up your website.

Final Thoughts

Those that ignore website security and fail to go above and beyond put their company and consumers in danger. This can lead to costly assaults, legal ramifications and brand damage. By laying the correct security foundations for your WordPress site, you can assure maximum success in other areas. Don’t cut corners!

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