6 Features to Look for in an Excellent WordPress Host

WordPress is a fantastic content management system that allows you to create and manage a website that will represent your business or background. However, aside from choosing the ideal CMS, it’s also important to pick the perfect web hosting provider who would give you the features and capabilities to run your site. 

The wrong decision can usually lead to more headaches rather than success for your site. From slow loading speeds to vulnerabilities in the virtual space, it can be a never-ending flurry of issues that won’t give you some peace of mind. It’s best to go with an effective provider and package that will match the functionality you’re aiming for.

However, after deciding to be more critical about the WordPress host that you’re going to work with for your business, it does raise the question about what such a provider should offer to you. Here are some features to consider looking for in an excellent WordPress host:

1) Website Security

Hackers and many other varying cyberthreats can strike and occur at any given moment. It’s important to have your website under wraps, and properly secured to prevent phishing, malware and more. A good WordPress host should execute top-notch cybersecurity that keeps every single page intact. Ask about WordPress security updates and if they offer vulnerability scanning.

2) Customer Privacy

Aside from the security of your website, it’s also important to think about your customer’s privacy as well. It would be ideal to go with a host that will keep any site visitor’s personal or sensitive information in good hands. Achieving an SSL certificate would also be wise to notify customers that their data is safe and encrypted.

3) Data Backups

Losing your entire site in a matter of seconds can be quite devastating. Unfortunately, that’s the reality when cyberattacks or software errors occur. It can even happen when you accidentally press something. Seek a web host who would offer a backup of the business so that everything can go back online in no time. 

4) Storage Space

As your business or organisation grows, it usually entails the growth of your site. It’s important to find the right storage space that would offer you the proper support to evolve and enlarge. This is usually the main difference between hosting packages, so make an accurate assessment of your choice or upgrade when necessary.

5) Fast Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed will be one of the most important features that can directly affect your site. If the pages and content take too long to load, most site visitors would be more inclined to click off instead. It’s paramount to have fast loading speeds, so be sure to check the reviews and go with a web host with a reputation for their loading times.

6) Tech Support

If anything else goes amiss with your website, it’s important to report and work with tech support to address and resolve the issue. It would be ideal to have some quick responses and solutions from a hosting provider, so try to check how the process works and how you’ll be communicating with them when you need to reach out.


Do your research and ask your questions to be fully informed. If your WordPress web hosting provider has a majority, if not all, of these qualities, it’s safe to say that you’ll be in good hands for the duration of running and managing your website. 

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