Common Issues That WordPress Websites Might Go Through

You might go to your website and see an error page with Internal Server Error or Connection Timed Out. Even worse, you have lost your website completely, to the point that it is not even accessible, which is fondly referred to as the “White Screen of Death.”

You know that WordPress is a great blogging platform—in fact, it’s one of the best blogging platforms globally. But between plugin compatibility issues, theme updates, and more, there might be six million things that could go wrong with your website. But for now, let’s focus on six main website issues.

1. Failed to Load Template File

A failed to load template is usually shown in a blank space, and you will see a message saying Template Not Found. The issue is usually related to the theme. Despite being one of the most popular blog-building platforms, WordPress has a significant flaw. WordPress is not very developer-friendly. This means that the template structure is not guaranteed to be uniform. Sometimes, templates are even designed poorly and could be the root cause of the “failed to load template” error.

You can avoid this issue by ensuring that your theme is up-to-date, including the latest theme version, plugin, and core updates. You may also install a good plugin to switch your theme. This is called the child theme and can help you if the theme updates are faulty.

2. 404 Page Not Found

The 404 page not found error is often caused when the page cannot be found on your server. This is a prevalent error. 404 is not actually an error message but rather a code that tells you that the page is not found. Usually, the path is not set correctly, or a typo in the URL. Sometimes, it can be due to a 404 error within the server. However, it is not a server error because the 404 error is not necessarily a server error.

3. 500 Internal Server Error

This error is shown on the screen and indicates that something has gone wrong on the server-side. It can be related to specific plugins and themes. For example, a plugin might be using many resources, which can cause this error. A fix can be to disable that plugin or switch to a different theme.

4. 403 Forbidden

403 is a code that indicates you have been denied access. It could be related to your server settings. You can try to connect via FTP, SFTP, and SSH. If you are using FTP, try switching to SFTP or SSH. You can also try to upload your files via the WordPress dashboard.

5. Cannot Upload File Error

You can get this error when using FTP or SFTP to upload a file that fails to connect. It could be because the file is too big or the wrong file format. For example, if you use an HTML file, the server will not accept it. It can also be because your server is not set to allow file uploads.


This is just a list of the most common WordPress errors you may experience. If you want to avoid these issues and run a smooth, stable website, you need to hire professional help to solve your problem and prevent future issues.

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