How Managed Hosting Makes You an Efficient Web Administrator

It can be time-consuming to build and manage websites. Despite the user-friendly interface of many content management systems, the maintenance and housekeeping you must do can pile up. If you have multiple WordPress sites, you need to optimise your workflow. 

Using managed WordPress hosting removes the repetitive tasks of manual maintenance from your site and lets you focus on clients. Besides freeing you up for the tasks central to your business, there are other benefits of hiring WordPress maintenance services. Here are some of them.

WordPress Hosting Providers Set Things Up for You

When you set up a WordPress site, you have to complete several administrative tasks. WordPress installation, backup and security setup, installing plugins for optimising page load times, and staging site creation are all time-consuming tasks you need to do at the start. When you have managed hosting services, you can hit the ground running since they will automate these tasks and pre-install everything for you.

Hosting Providers Automate Maintenance

Ongoing management of client sites involves more than just making sure the links are sending people to the correct pages. Also, clients often don’t understand the extent of the tasks involved in maintaining a website. 

Since these take place in the website back-end, they tend not to value how much time it takes to ensure the core, theme, and plugins don’t cause the site to crash. If you use managed hosting, you can use pre-installed plugins and automated updates to ensure that things function the way they should.

WordPress Hosts Have Security Toolkits

Instead of opting for trial and error on your security tools and plugins, going for WordPress hosting means having access to free SSL, configured malware scanners, top-level encryption, and automatic updates. Hosting services provide you with everything you need to ensure that browsing your website will be safe for users.

Hosting Providers Take Care of Troubleshooting

It is easy enough to identify and fix issues on one website. However, even if you’re quick, sometimes fixes can take hours or even days. Save time by hiring a specialised support team who can take care of all of the troubleshooting for you.

WordPress Hosting Streamlines Your Workflow

If you’re switching between dozens of tabs on your browser, logging in and out of various WordPress sites, and using individual logins for different clients, you are not efficient with your time. Using WordPress hosting services allows you to consolidate your work. It gives you access to a centralised dashboard, so you don’t have to switch between windows.


The internet is constantly changing, and digital culture is ever-evolving, just like customer and business needs. If you manage a WordPress site, you need to automate as much of your back-end as possible. Delegating your website maintenance and using bundled security tools from a hosting provider will give you back your time and let you focus on the things that matter to your business. When choosing a partner for your WordPress maintenance, make sure you get a team that provides comprehensive packages and services.

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