SEO Done Right: Why Fast Loading Times Matter For Your Website

Businesses know that consumers now demand faster loading websites, making the load speed a critical ranking factor that can make or mar the user experience. Consumers in recent years can judge the quality of a website in three seconds, but when your site takes a second longer to load, then they’ll be bouncing off to other websites in a flash. 

In a fast-paced landscape wherein websites constantly try to keep up with the competition and demands, website speed plays a pivotal role in your online success. But what exactly is the impact of a speedy website? 

Google’s Need for Speed: How First Impressions Last When Browsing Websites 

People often expect websites to load at lightning speed, which roughly translates to one to three seconds. Fast-loading websites often answer the customer’s question quickly, which means it doesn’t leave any room for their curiosity to die. That’s why pages that load within two seconds only have a bounce rate of 9 per cent, but four or more seconds can bump the average bounce rate to a whopping 38 per cent. 

Speed and Website Success – The Numbers Don’t Lie

The numbers show how critical page loading times impact the overall user experience at a staggering rate; that’s why Google takes it seriously enough to consider it as an essential ranking factor for website and mobile devices thanks to their “speed update” in 2018. 

Speed already plays a starring role in influencing Google’s algorithm, but its importance takes on a newer dimension as Google introduces the Core Web Vitals update this coming August 2021. In this latest update, expect to see three driving forces behind a successful SEO: 

1- Loading time of the hosting provider; 
2- Amount of time spent on the webserver; 
3- Visual stability as the website loads; 

In addition to a fast-loading website, it should also maintain its quality. That’s why it helps to know tricks on how to speed up your website without compromising its quality: 

1- Optimising your images and  CSS, HTML, or JavaScript file sizes limits the burden on your website, allowing it to load features, images, and other content faster without lowering the final output.

2- Reducing your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files also removes clutter in the code, allowing your website to operate faster.

3- Improving your bandwidth by seeking the right hosting provider can also promote speedier loading times since it allows your website to transfer data faster. 

The Bottom Line: How Page Loading Speed Affects Every Aspect of Your Website and Marketing Goals 

Every business with a website has unique goals. Whether it’s to boost conversion rate, increase brand awareness, or strengthen your online presence, factors like page loading speed can impact your entire digital marketing pipeline. 

There are plenty of ways to improve your page loading speed, but using the right web hosting plan can already propel your website ahead of the competition.

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