Speed up your website with Bunny CDN

Why a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by bringing your static website resources closer to the users of your website, this speeds up the delivery of the content like images and helps minimise server requests.

Our preferred CDN is Bunny, Bunny have rolled out to most capital cities in Australia meaning that the content is closer to the end-user. in Australia they currently have POP’s (Points of Presence) in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Bunny CDN also have POP’s all over the world, a full list can be found at https://bunny.net/network.

Currently Bunny has 53 POP’s with more planned to reach your clients where they are.

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Setting up Bunny CDN on WordPress

There are two ways to setup Bunny CDN on your website but today we are going to focus on a plugin that allows you to deliver your entire website through Bunny. This is a new plugin that has been released but is powering our website at present.

  1. Create an account at Bunny, Signup here
  2. Log into your WordPress admin console and install and activate the plugin called Edge Caching and Firewall with BunnyCDN – Faster TTFB, DDoS protection with Reverse-Proxy which is created by Gulshan Kumar.
  3. Under Edge Caching, add your BunnyCDN API Key. Your API Key can be found under your Bunny account https://panel.bunny.net/account
  4. Optionally, you can setup WebP Image delivery through Bunny CDN but this has additional costs.
  5. Click Setup Pullzone
  1. Add / Edit your DNS records that are generated. We recommend Cloudflare as they have a free basic option however you may be using another provider. You can contact us for assistance or talk with your web developer if you require assistance.
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  1. Once added, Click on Install SSL.
  2. If all steps above have been completed correctly then you will receive a success message and you are done
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For more information regarding the plugin or additional setup options please check out https://www.gulshankumar.net/cache-wordpress-html-bunnycdn/

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