What Could Happen When You Use Nulled WordPress Plugins?

A lot of people who use WordPress use nulled plugins. Why? Because they’re FREE. That’s not only it. Nulled plugins are pirated versions of premium ones, but they will make you feel like you hit the jackpot when you get them. 

However, that’s what you think. The truth is far from that.

Here are the reasons to avoid using nulled WordPress plugins and themes: 

1. You Won’t Be Able to Update

Most WordPress plugins will require an update to fix bugs and add new features. However, when you’re using a nulled plugin and theme, you won’t be able to do this because you don’t have a valid license key. In turn, your WordPress site will be obsolete. So, if you think about it, it will be for nothing in the end because you won’t get the security you need, along with other features and updates to improve your blog. 

2. You Won’t Be Able to Access Documentation

WordPress users need access to documentation to learn about any new plugins or themes before starting it on the WordPress site. The developers create these documentations to ensure users can make the most out of the plugins and themes. Unfortunately, the documentation will be restricted when you have a nulled plugin or theme because they are only designed for paid clients. 

3. You Won’t Get to Use New Features

Nulled WordPress plugins or themes will prevent you from getting automatic updates. In turn, you won’t be able to update the version of your WordPress because it’s nulled. Another thing is you won’t be able to improve the performance of your WordPress software. 

Remember, new WordPress features can boost your site and even help you gain more revenue in turn. 

4. You Could Get Into a Legal Problem

Some WordPress plugins are sold with mixed licenses, which means a part of a code is under copyright protection. Therefore, if you use a nulled plugin or theme, you could end up in legal trouble when a part of the code you’re using is copyrighted. The worst thing that could happen is you paying a lot of money to lawyers to help you with the case. 

5. Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Could Be Compromised

You work hard for your SEO strategies, but they could be compromised when you use nulled plugins or themes. How? Nulled plugins and themes can add spam links to your site that could affect your SEO. When this happens, your search engine rankings may drop and will affect user experience adversely. It will take months or even years to bring this back, which can cost you a lot of time and money. 


Nulled plugins and themes are harmful to a website because they could have malware. You never know when a malicious code is hidden inside them. When you install a plugin or theme, and you don’t know about any malicious codes or malware, it could infect your site and lose all your site data. This may also re-index your site from search engines. So, did you actually save money from these free nulled plugins? We bet you know the answer.

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