When Is It Time to Migrate My Site From WordPress to a New Host

Convenience is one of the most important aspects that we want for our business in both internal and external ways. Because of this, many of us tend to tolerate systems that aren’t serving us sufficiently anymore just because it’s something that we’re used to and seems “convenient.” However, tolerating this may actually lead your business to more harm than good.

When you ignore troublesome spots and pain points, your business operations will take a halt and won’t experience any internal growth. Because of this, it can affect all the other parts of your business—from content creation to customer experience. A great example of this is when businesses stay on a WordPress Site and don’t migrate to a new host. 

Again, staying on your WordPress site is the less hassle option, but it’s undeniably affecting the way your business’s system operates and also impacts user experience. Businesses who realize this obtained managed WP hosting services to ensure that their site adapts and mitigates common site issues. 

Perhaps you’re here because you’re unsure whether you need to migrate to a new host or stay with WordPress. If that’s the case, keep reading—below are some tell-tale signs it’s time to move to a new host.

Sign #1: You Experience Frequent Downtime

The truth is no host can guarantee 100% uptime, but you still have the right to expect close to perfect uptime nonetheless. But if you’re experiencing frequent downtime and it’s unrelated to website traffic, then something’s a miss. 

Remember—when you’re running an online business, it’s crucial to have a responsive and up and running website. So if you’re experiencing this issue way too often, it’s time to move. 

Sign #2: You’re Not Receiving Sufficient Customer Support

Another important thing to note is that if you’re experiencing issues on your site and not getting the support you need, it may be extremely detrimental to your business. 

Ideally, your hosting site should give you 24-hour WordPress support every day, providing you with quick feedback, responses, and troubleshooting. If you find yourself waiting for days, you should consider getting a new host. 

Sign #3: Unresponsive and Slow Performance

Nothing’s worse than experiencing growth in your company, but your site and hardware can’t keep up. Not only will this affect customer experience, but this can also impact your online rankings due to poor responsiveness. 

In a time where convenience and quick responses are crucial, there’s no room for slow-performing sites. So if you notice that your site is going down this undesired hole, it’s time to make changes quickly and to get a new host. 

Sign #4: You’re Not Getting Enough Security

Security should probably be your priority when running a site. This is because you’ll be housing vital customer and business information that should be kept with high security. If you find that your host isn’t doing their best in keeping your information secure, then it’s time for you to leave and look for a better alternative. 

Security is one point you shouldn’t miss because not only will it affect your business’s integrity and reputation, but you’ll also put your customer at risk for identity theft and other security issues. 

The Bottom Line: Don’t Settle for a WordPress Host That Won’t Provide You With the Best Service

There’s no way to put it, but changing hosts can be difficult, but it’s also true that it’s the best thing you can do for your business. Seeing as your host affects your site’s overall performance, it’s only right that you take note of these signs to ensure you get the right services your site needs. With that, work with credible WordPress hosting services, so you improve your site’s performance that will help you reach your business goals. 

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