3 Expert Tips to Make a WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

It would be almost impossible to find someone without a smartphone wherever you go. With over 32 million phone users across the country, it should come as no surprise that it has become necessary for websites to become mobile-friendly. 

Implementing such updates may be pretty difficult, but they are, without a doubt, necessary. Not only will they make your website more accommodating to the millions of users on the internet, but they also increase your chances of ranking above other content. 

When the site is easy to navigate on any device, the higher the search engine ranks it. This is why making a site mobile-friendly is one of the top priorities of search engine optimisation (SEO). 

If this is something you have yet to start on your own website, here are a couple of surefire tips.

3 Optimisation Tips to Make a WordPress Site Mobile Ready

1. Use the Right Themes

Content management systems like WordPress usually come with plenty of mobile-friendly themes that can make the desktop and mobile version of your site match. If you’re already satisfied with the way your current website theme is designed and just want to make it mobile-ready, the next tip might be useful.

2. Use Mobile-Friendly Plugins

One of WordPress’s advantages over other CMS programs is that it comes with many plugins to choose from. Installing a plugin can instantly make your website mobile-friendly.

Plugins work exactly as they’re called. Plugins “plug into” the system and automatically do their magic. And if one plugin is not satisfactory, you can uninstall it and find another plugin to work with.

3. Make Your Site Responsive

Suppose your website looks fine on the desktop. The spacing may seem correct, the font may appear readable, and so on. But when you read it on your phone, your desktop view might be crammed to fit your smaller screen. You would have to pinch and zoom to read the article.

This can affect the user experience greatly. It is not an ideal way to view information, and many of your readers would automatically look for another website that better accommodates their device.

By making your website responsive to the device it appears on, it would be easier to change according to what the user is viewing the website from.


Mobile-friendly updates are necessary for any website to stand a chance at ranking. With plenty of internet users depending on their phones, it is essential to cater to that need. The more mobile-friendly your site is, the higher its chances to rank and come out on top no matter what device people are using. After all, your website might be the first impression users may have of your brand; it is important that it is convenient for them.

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