7G NGINX Firewall

The 7G Firewall is the default firewall Hosted WP uses for all our WordPress hosting Services, but not our only Firewall offering. We have options for 6G, 7G, and ModSec WAF. We have more security solutions that can and often enabled by default like fail2ban. Today we are going to focus on 7G so let’s get started.

What is the 7G firewall?

The 7G Firewall offers a lightweight server-level protection from a range of bots, malicious request, automated attacks, spam and many other types of threats and attacks.

The 7G Firewall is a tiny, 100% open source solution that provides website security free for everyone who wants to install and configure.

How It Works

The 7G Firewall uses a set of carefully written rewire rules that check the URI requests against popular web hosting platform directives. This happens behind the scenes at the server level and does not add additional load at the Database or PHP level. This is why using it is better to have a firewall at the server level instead of a plugin or a PHP script.

Once 7G has been implemented, every HTTP request made is compared. The Firewall compares the requests to a set of patterns and regular expressions (regex). If someone or something triggers a match the are immediately silently blocked and will receive a 403 forbidden response.  This allows legitimate visitors to continue surfing will the bad guys are stopped.


Top features and goals of the 7G Firewall:

  • Security via simplicity
  • Extensive firewall protection
  • Fine-tuned to minimize false positives
  • Lightweight (only 12KB!), modular, flexible and fast
  • Completely plug-&-play with no configuration required
  • Improves security, reduces server load, and conserves resources
  • Git/SVN friendly (does not block svn/git files et al)
  • Open source, easy to use, and completely free
  • 100% compatible with WordPress
  • Better bad bot detection
  • Built-in logging

7G protects against many types of attacks and threats, including:

  • Directory Traversal
  • HTTP Response Splitting
  • (XSS) Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cache Poisoning
  • Dual-Header Exploits
  • SQL/PHP/Code Injection
  • File Injection/Inclusion
  • Null Byte Injection
  • WordPress exploits such as revslider, timthumb, fckeditor, et al
  • Exploits such as c99shell, phpshell, remoteview, site copier, et al
  • PHP information leakage

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For more information about the 7G Firewall visit https://perishablepress.com/7g-firewall/