3 Big Reasons You Should Be Blogging With WordPress

WordPress is every blogger’s platform. In fact, nearly 20 per cent of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Whenever you ask about WordPress, the blogging community can easily answer your questions because so many use it. 

But, what makes WordPress so great? Aren’t there any other platforms that offer the same services? Truthfully, WordPress isn’t the only software bloggers can use. There are hundreds of other options, but a lot of people seem to ignore them because they stick to WordPress. 

A lot of people may even suggest that you use WordPress. If you’re serious about blogging, self-hosted WordPress is the ideal choice. In this article, we’ll discuss the three main reasons why you should pick WordPress.

1. You Have Control Over Your Website

Many people use WordPress because they can easily control what to put and design their website, unlike with other blogging platforms that limit everything you do. With WordPress, you have the flexibility to edit and create a theme for your website. 

There are official themes from WordPress.org or premium third-party themes you can use, but you have the freedom to create your theme or customise the current one. Aside from customising the theme, you can also change the fonts or colours and customise your footer credits text. 

The great part about it is you can install plugins and monetise your blog. Plugins are features in WordPress that can support your goals. You can use them to grow your email list or create a landing page. 

As to monetising your blog, you have the freedom to do it, which makes it really popular for many bloggers. You can monetise your blog by selling direct ads or sponsored posts and many other ways. 

Lastly, you would have full control over your website. Other blogging platforms do not give as much freedom to their bloggers as WordPress. Many even have a clause that can delete your website. 

2. It Gives You a Professional Vibe

There are many platforms that offer free blogs, but make it very obvious that you are blogging on a free platform. You have generic themes, widgets, and sidebars. It gives off an unprofessional vibe to the viewer. 

They also won’t take you seriously. Fortunately, you can achieve a professional look with WordPress because you can customise the themes and plugins. A website that has professional.com is always better than a professional.myfreewebsite.com.

3. A Supportive Community

WordPress is supported by an enormous online community. You have a huge community where you can learn all about WordPress. There are even experts who can lend you a hand. 

In fact, just googling “WordPress help” yields more than 542 million results. Most of your questions about WordPress are already answered online. You may even find YouTube videos demonstrating the setup of a plugin and more. If you still find it difficult to navigate WordPress, there are forums where you can ask for help from developers and peers. 


WordPress is a handy tool used by many people. Most bloggers use WordPress to share information and launch brands. Hosting WordPress is possible; however, you need to buy your domain, which only costs $20-30 a year. 

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