Keep Your WordPress Site Fast and Updated, 3 Steps You Can Do

When it comes to any sites, speed matters. You may lose a visitor if your site tends to load slowly. Google hates slow-loading websites too! It can be attributed to a network or a site hosting problem.

One reason WordPress is a quite popular hosting site is its regular site updates. A site with regular updates means that it is constantly improved and maintained well. The great thing about WordPress hosting is you can access these updates automatically or manually.

The Importance of an Updated WordPress

If your WordPress is updated, it provides better security. It fixes issues and resolves bugs in your site. It also prevents hackers from accessing your confidential information. 

WordPress also releases new features through its updates. That helps improve your site’s performance, and when your website is faster, it also helps give better SEO results. 

How to Make Sure Your WordPress Is Fast and Updated

While internet connection may be something out of your control, there are things within WordPress that you can keep in check to make sure your site is fully functioning at its best. Here are some of them: 

1. Use a Speed-Optimised Theme

Try using a speed-optimised template for your theme. There are available themes you can find that specifies this function. These are usually simple and cleaner templates, and they do not have unnecessary features that add up to the loading lag. 

If there are some features or specifics that you need for your site, you can always try searching for their plug-in version. It will help lessen the code that the site carries, making the page load faster.

2. Use Quality and Faster Plug-Ins

In choosing a plug-in, always go for the faster and well-coded ones. Some plug-ins slow down the site instead of helping it speed up. 

To help you figure this out, make sure to avail of services from trusted hosting providers. A good WordPress hosting site offers the best plug-ins available that they could recommend.

3. Adjust the Existing Background Tasks

Your WordPress site is continuously functioning even without your help. It means that several things are happening behind the site even when your browser tabs are closed. That’s what we call the background process. It can include plug-in updates, backups, and other necessary scheduled tasks. 

You can help improve your site’s speed performance by fixing your background process’s timing and schedule. For example, you can control your backup plug-in by instructing it to only run during your site’s low-traffic time. You can also schedule backups only when you posted new content.

All these can be manually changed and applied to your sites.


Your website is your business’s face online. Make sure it does not only look good but also functions well. As a site owner, you should always make sure your site is optimised overall for the best performance. A reliable WordPress hosting site that can help you maintain and care for your site can lessen all the troubles.

If you need help in managing your WordPress hosting in Australia, contact us today. We have a full maintenance and full site-care plan for our clients. Try us now!