Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting: What’s the Difference?

Launching a new website can be an overwhelming task, especially with so many elements to manage. Starting with the essentials should be your priority, and first on that list is your domain name. This is your website’s address, which is how your audience and potential customers will look for you on the internet. You also need to figure out where you’re going to host your website, which is choosing where all your site’s files will be located. 

Choosing from the wide array of hosting services available can be confusing in itself. Knowing the difference between the types of web hosting can help with this decision. If you’re still stuck between shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting, then here’s a breakdown to help you decide what’s best for your website.

Shared Hosting

Defined as a web hosting solution where your website shares a single web server with other websites, one advantage of shared WordPress hosting is the low cost of services, especially compared to dedicated hosting. If you’re thinking of setting up a personal site, a blog, or creating one for your small business, then this option is great to maintain low web management expenses. You’re also likely to encounter cPanel with most hosting companies, which provides you with a dashboard or control panel to make managing your domain, website, and emails easier. Professional email services are usually included for free along with hosting services, so business emails are easily created for no additional charge.

Shared WordPress hosting does have some disadvantages, the first being the attribute that makes it so affordable, to begin with. Since you’re sharing server resources, it can present limitations in terms of bandwidth, memory, and processing power. A poorly constructed website can drain the server’s resources, leading to other cons such as slow response time and downtime. Businesses anticipating a lot of web traffic may not benefit as much from shared hosting services simply because these larger corporations, agencies, and companies will require more resources to set their website up.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is more suitable for heavy-duty websites, and it is usually more comprehensive and inclusive as it provides clients with updates, backups, and security checks as part of their monthly service subscription. Managed hosting is ideal for websites that handle high amounts of traffic or your businesses that rely on professionals to manage their website’s more technical aspects. 

While it is more expensive, it also comes with several benefits. Daily backups will ensure that your website and its accompanying files can always be restored if ever crashes happen. Managed WordPress hosting is also more secure and uses the latest technology to keep your website fast and safe from malware and hackers. You can also rely on outstanding customer service and support if ever you run into any issues with your website.

There are a few disadvantages with subscribing to managed hosting services. First, it can strain your budget if you don’t have funds allotted specifically for website hosting. Website speed also comes at the cost of the number of plugins you can use, as some plugins may slow down your website. Another limitation is that WordPress managed hosting is only available for WordPress websites, so if you have an existing website under another hosting service, you may have to migraine to WordPress or use an alternative hosting provider.

The Bottom Line: Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs may wonder whether the high price tag of managed WordPress hosting is worth it. After all, small-scale websites don’t really require as many resources to run smoothly, and shared hosting is much more affordable. However, it may be more beneficial to think of managed hosting as an investment for your website and, ultimately, your business. The extra cost is often worth it because of the additional security, features, and support provided. Whether you’re a large corporation or a growing business, managed WordPress hosting is probably the smartest option for your business website.

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