4 Reasons Your WordPress Site’s Performance Is Slow

No matter how beautiful your WordPress webpage is, it would eventually experience performance issues if you do not know how to optimise its performance. One of the most common and frustrating problems is a slow-loading page, and sometimes it is not because of your Internet. Fortunately, there are no site problems that you cannot fix, especially with professional help. 

This article will enumerate some of the most common reasons your webpage’s performance is slow and provide suggestions on improving your website for your and your client’s sake:

Reason 1: You Are Not Utilising Page Cache

Website caching is one of the technologies you should be taking advantage of. To appreciate it better, here is how the concept of caching works:

When a person loads your page on the web, the server will conduct multiple calculations to give them the result, which is your site. It does this repeatedly for all visitors to your site, even if they all look at the same output in the end. Caching is the process of allowing your server to remember the calculation they just did so that they do not do the process all over again for the same request.

By doing this for your WordPress, you would experience a faster loading time because the server reduces its processing time. You can also request this optimisation if you have a WordPress hosting account, but if not, there are caching plugins you can utilise.

Reason 2: You Uploaded Images That Are Too Big

Yes, you need to have high-resolution images on your website, but make sure that it does not compromise the loading time of your website. There are two techniques on how you can address this problem. One is by resizing your photos, as search engines do recommend a good enough resolution for websites. The second is by compressing the images. You can use online tools to do this, and there are also plugins that you can utilise. 

Reason 3: Your Site Viewers Are Too Far From the Host’s Data Centre

Sometimes even if you have an excellent host provider, their service can still be limited, especially when catering to an audience too far from their data centre. In the end, no matter how advanced the technology is, physical distance still matters and affects online performances. 

Fortunately, you can address this by using a content delivery network (CDN). It is a highly distributed platform of servers that can store your site’s static content so that users worldwide can view the same high-quality content with fewer slow loading times. 

Reason 4: You Have a Slow Host Provider

If you have addressed all the problems and tips provided above but your site loading time is still underperforming, then your problem is likely your slow hosting provider. Perhaps you have a slow-performing website because you are on a free web hosting service or a low-quality hosting service provider with no means to give you adequate support. Consider switching to a great hosting provider that promises fast service!


The beauty of having a WordPress webpage is the many features and solutions present to solve the common problems that any site owners would encounter. If you own a WordPress website, consider switching to a WordPress hosting service provider to maximise the opportunities for your website!

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