What Hosted WP use to manage your WordPress website and Hosting.

Traditional web hosting solutions like Cpanel or Plesk can be slow, insecure and unreliable.  WordPress is a resource-intensive application that needs its own specialised hosting environment to run smoothly and securely.

We have handpicked our hosting solution partners to ensure that your WordPress website is hosted on world-class infrastructure with best-in-class features and security.

Server Management

All we can say is GridPane. GridPane has been the backend for tens of thousands of WordPress websites and is the hosting platform we use for all our managed hosting clients. GridPane has been purpose-built from the ground up as a solution for managing WordPress at scale.


Hosted WP runs on Linode, which provides us with enterprise-grade SSD Linux servers that are both high-performance and scalable. Our servers are constantly monitored for performance and issues, so we can ensure that your website is always running smoothly.

CDN (Content Deliver Network)

We have chosen Bunny.net to provide our CDN services. Bunny.net’s global CDN network ensures that your website is delivered fast to visitors, no matter where they are in the world.

Below are two images from testing on our website. We found Bunny.net to beat Cloudflare when performing in Australia and, more importantly, in Perth for our Perth WordPress hosting clients.

What Hosted WP use to manage your WordPress website and Hosting. WordPress Hosting and Maintenance
Buny.net Speeds to Perth
What Hosted WP use to manage your WordPress website and Hosting. WordPress Hosting and Maintenance
Cloudflare Speeds to Perth


Let’s be real. This is one area where budget hosting lets clients down time and time again. Your website is your livelihood, and you can’t afford to lose any data. That’s why we get really backup happy. Hosted WP won’t just backup your website once a day,

  • we backup our Servers. Our servers have daily snapshots run in case we suffer an entire server failure.
  • We backup your website. All websites are backed individually at least once a week both on the server and encrypted and sent to Wasabi. Backups are kept for one year using the grandfather model. Backups can be increased up to hourly.
  • We got more backups: For our WordPress Maintenance customers, you also get a third daily offsite backup that we manage for you as part of your monthly maintenance.


For DNS, we will use one of two providers, Cloudflare or Bunny.net. We have found both to be incredibly fast and reliable. DNS is one of the backbones of the internet, and it’s important to have a DNS provider that you can rely on.

Email Transactions

As we don’t use a traditional server hosting environment, our servers do not send emails locally. We see this as a security benefit. We configure AWS Simple Email Service to handle all emails for our servers. This provides a queue and retries for any email that cannot be delivered on the first attempt and logs all emails sent from your domain.

Email Services

This isn’t exactly what we do but instead what our servers don’t do. We can not and will not run email hosting on our servers. The main reason for this is that it takes up resources meaning fewer resources for your website. We suggest Google Workspace or Office 365. If you would like assistance with Office 365, we partner with IQPC for all IT and email-related services.


Our Servers are scanned daily for Malware and Vulnerabilities. We also use ModSecurity with CRS ruleset to protect our servers and websites from OWASP top 10 attacks.

We run a Web Application Firewall (WAF) on all our servers. A WAF is an extra layer of security that filters traffic to your website, blocking malicious requests and protecting your website from attack.

Fail2ban is also installed and configured on all our servers. Fail2ban scans log files and ban IP addresses that show malicious activity, such as too many failed login attempts.

We hope this gives you a good overview of the WordPress hosting services we offer here at Hosted WP. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help. 🙂