WordPress 5.7 released

WordPress 5.7, the first release in 2021 has been named “Esperanza” in honour of Esperanza Spalding, a modern musical prodigy. You can find out more about Esperanza here.

With version 5.7, Wordpress brings new colours, Speed optimisations and Gutenburg builder tweaks.

Editor updates

Font size adjustments in more places: Font changes can now be made where you are working on the same screen.

Reusable block: Several enhancements have been made to make reusable blocks more stable anf easier to use.

Insert drag and drop: Dragging block and block patterns from the inserter right into your page or post.

Add more without custom code

Full-height alignment: Blocks like the cover block can now fit the whole window.

Button block: It is now possible to have buttons in either a vertical or horizontal layout and set the width of a button to a preset percentage.

Social icons: You can now change the size of your social icons.

Simpler default colour palette

You can find the new colour palette in the default WordPress Dashboard colour scheme, and use it while building your themes, plugins, or any other components.

Move from HTTP to HTTPS

Moving your site from HTTP to HTTPS is now one click away and will automatically update database URLs

New Robots API

The new Robots API lets you include the filter directives in the robots meta tag, and the API includes the max-image-preview: large directive by default.

Lazy-load iFrames

WordPress will now add a loading=”lazy” attribute to the iframe tag when the size is predefined.

Ongoing Jquery 3.5.1 cleanup

Third and final step to jump to jQuery 3.5.1