3 WordPress Myths You Must Be Aware Of and Ignore

Many people today rely on WordPress websites to run their business, hobbies, and other such efforts and ventures. After all, it is an incredibly popular website builder and content management system that many people use to create all sorts of websites! 

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, many myths have also spawned about it. While some myths are harmless, others can be notorious for hurting people’s expectation of WordPress. As such, being aware of these myths is a must before trying out the platform so as to not end up disappointed and wasting your time.

With that said, here are three common WordPress myths you must be aware of and ignore:

Myth 1. WordPress Is Sites Are All the Same

Since WordPress is first and foremost a website builder, many are under the impression that most sites built using the platform look the same. It’s likely due to the fact that they don’t look beyond the default templates available on the site, when in fact, there are thousands of options out there.

What’s more, WordPress allows for total customization, allowing you to tailor your site according to your unique needs. You have the option to design a site from scratch, or you can select a theme and build upon it. You can add more functionality via plugins and even integrate apps you often use. 

Myth 2. WordPress Does Not Scale

It is always good to question a piece of software’s ability to scale. After all, once you get used to the software, you wouldn’t really want to phase it out just because it can no longer handle your newer and bigger needs. 

Fortunately, if there is one thing WordPress is known to be able to do, it is to scale to whatever needs its users will have! Whether it be tiny cafes to multi-billion dollar corporations, WordPress can be used to create and manage websites without a single issue. If you were to face any issues related to performance, it would generally be your hardware’s fault! So long as the hardware can handle the load, WordPress can do the rest.

Myth 3. WordPress Is Just for Blogging

Sure, when WordPress first came out, it was meant to be a blogging platform. But that has soon evolved into an incredibly powerful CMS that is used by a large portion of the internet. Of course, not all websites are blogs—and this means that many non-blogging sites utilise WordPress.

That said, WordPress comes with all sorts of features like widgets, add-ons, and plugins, allowing its users to create essentially any website they wish. Want to sell your products online? WordPress has got you covered! Want to simply share some of the latest news? WordPress can do it for you!


Heard any of the above myths? Now you know better! 

WordPress is an incredible website builder and content management system that can allow you to do essentially whatever you want and create any website you wish. With that in mind, if you want to make the most out of WordPress without breaking the bank, we highly recommend looking for managed WordPress hosting services. As we’ve already stated, they give you all the benefits that WordPress has to offer at a fraction of the cost—meaning that you can maximise your online presence without ever having to break the bank.

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